Lawn Care Fairhope is the best lawn care company for Mullet Point.

Get off your mower and into the water!

You don’t have a place in Mullet Point so that you can spend a few hours every week cutting grass. Let us do it!

While you are away Lawn Care Fairhope will mow your lawn, edge your concreted areas and weed eat what needs to be done. So when you arrive you can get straight into the hammock, out on the wharf checking crab traps or on the boat.

You know you hate spending your time in Mullet Point cutting grass. Let the Lawn Care Professional at Lawn Care Fairhope take care of it for you.

Mullet Point Lawn Care Lawn Care Fairhope

No more storing a mower or worse yet, driving one over on a trailer. No more sweating without having fun.

To be the best lawn service in Mullet Point we work hard so you don’t have to. We have the right equipment and the experience to make your lawn look great.

Lawn Care in Mullet Point can be difficult. Salt air and salt water can play havoc with a Mullet Point lawn. We can’t keep the salt out, but we’ve learned how to work with grass in Mullet Point and get it looking great as quickly as possible.

So contact us when you are ready to enjoy yourself. We want to be your Mullet Point lawn service.

Mullet Point Lawn Care Service